Thursday, October 3, 2013

HAPPY INKTOBER! (day 3... oopsies!)

Happy INKTOBER, friends! I know... I'm a little late to jump on the bandwagon. But I figured it's okay if I only missed 2 days.
So for those of you who have no idea what in the world Inktober is... let me explain! This fantastic human named Jake Parker came up with the idea of drawing a pen/ink drawing each day for the month of October. When I heard about it, I couldn't pass it up! Ink is my favorite medium, after all. 
So, here is day 3 of Inktober! It's a deer. Or a Bambi.... whatever. I'm planning on making progressively creepier images as October rolls along (it's only fitting with it being the month of Halloween and all). 
I do feel kind of bad that I skipped the first 2 days, though. So I decided to add a little ink doodle I did about a week ago. It makes me feel better. But just a little.
Poor guy.. Since Froggy is the youngest of 20 sisters, he always gets their Halloween costume hand-me-downs. Tough life.



  1. Inktober? More like STINKtober! Eheh he haha haehehea he haehahe!!

    1. ughghghhhh you are right. its pretty stinky... last time i checked.

  2. That story about the frog? It brought a little tear to my eyes. You're hilarious.

    1. your face is hilarious. just kidding, its a great face. thanks ruth :D