Thursday, January 30, 2014

my eyes feel like burning.

Hello! Late post.. sorry about it! Good news is that I have a lot of fun stuff to show you all! :D
So this first piece is a little excerpt from a clothing fold rendering I had to do for my advanced figure drawing class. I am so excited about that class! We are starting to do some fashion illustration, so I should have some fun stuff to show you guys in a week or two! 
Random, but I thought this picture of the veins in my arm looked pretty rad. I got this cool app on my phone called VSCOcam... if you haven't heard of it, I would definitely check it out! It allows you to take some pretty sick pictures.

I am really happy with the way this turned out! It was done for my drawing for illustration sketchbook... a deer with some freaky twig legs.

Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I thought I would doodle something up for it. I did this with colored pencils, markers and pens. I had a lot of fun with it and think it could make a cool final piece for a notebook design or something of the same nature! Maybe when I start my Etsy shop up this summer I will include this as a print! Who knows!

Here is a picture of me with the cutest puppy to ever walk the earth. Don't you just want to squish him?!?

Finally, I made a name tag for work... it was nearly impossible to keep it simple. haha

I hope all of you are having a fantastic week! Thank you all for stopping by and being so supportive! 

ashley fairbourne 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

spending money i dont have and other things

Hey cuties! How are those lives of yours going? I hope they are spectacular.
Not much is new... just went to the Utrecht store and bought some new supplies... the ones I am most excited about are the Utrecht design markers! They were having a great sale, so I got 12 of them! Here is the first thing I drew with them:

Ta-da! Here is week #2's paintings... the assignment was to only use 3 colors: black, white and yellow ochre, which created monochromatic paintings :D 
Here's to a great week! 

ashley may

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

school feels like eternity already.

Hello everyone! 
This week has been pretty busy for me, but I am really excited for a lot of my classes. I don't think I shared in my last post, but I am taking media techniques II, which is basically an acrylics course, advanced figure drawing, and drawing for illustration. My acrylics class requires 4 paintings every week, so I will probably plan on updating my blog with them! Yay for consistency! :D
These portraits were pretty fun to start the class out with... #1 is grey background with only black, #2 is mid-tone background with only white, #3 is white and black crosshatching, and #4 is mixing greys in the light. 
And this epic doodle was from over Christmas break... my cousin and I got extremely bored and made up a huge story about him saving his girlfriend, Sheridan. It was a success.

Ashley Fairbourne 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Holy 2014, Batman!

I told you all that I would update this blog every Tuesday... and I meant it! 
So, the semester started! And my immune system decided to go kaput and let me get sick a few days before. Luckily, I've been recovering pretty quickly. :)
All of my classes are pretty promising this semester, but I am going to be so busy! And its going to be a lot of work... but I think I will figure it all out. You can expect the next few months to be filled with school assignments (and maybe a few commissions!)
Look at this cute picture of my cat! I got a new photo editing program on my phone called VSCOcam... if you haven't heard of it, I would definitely recommend it! It lets you edit the photos kind of the same way you would in Lightroom or Photoshop. I really dig it.
Here is another preview of that work-in-progress I talked about a month or two ago. It's coming along.. slowly but surely. I really love where it is going. :)

This was a fun, quick illustration I did for the Christmas album me and my friend Ruth recorded over the break. I know its not Christmas anymore, but you should go download it for next year! Or now! Whatever floats your boat. (cuz guess what? ITS FREE) 
Here it is... RIGHT HERE
And finally... this was the most recent drawing I did before I got too sick to move. My friend let me try out some of his art markers and prismacolors together, and this was the result! 
And if you somehow missed it, I finally got an instagram for my art! follow me @ashleyfairbourneillustration... I update it a couple times a week usually. 

As always, thank you all for your love and support... you all mean the world to me!

ashley may

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Happy [insert holiday here] !!!

Hello! Happy Holidays! Merry New Year! Happy Christmas... and whatever!

It's been a bit since I update my blog :) Besides the normal hustle and bustle of the holiday season/end of finals, I had to have a small procedure done on my weird toe. Although it set me back a wee bit, I am doing well and ready for the new school semester to start! As some of you know, I work in a pottery shop. So, I wanted to take a second and show you the Christmas presents I've been so preoccupied with!

 This is an elephant-shaped piggy bank for my little sister. I realized that I never really give her any of my artwork, so I wanted to make something special for her :) It's a dream bank I covered with a bunch of stuff she likes. Hopefully, she will use it to save money for her dreams... whatever those may be!

A silly little mug I made for my friend. It's that dinosaur/godzilla thing I drew for an Inktober entry, but instead of eating ramen noodles, this one is just saying "hi." How friendly of him.

I made a platter for my father as a Christmas present.. He has a platter just like it that has been in the family for a while. But recently, it broke :( So I decided to make a new, more durable version for him! It was interesting trying to copy such a unique style.

This is one of the smaller pumpkins I painted for Halloween.. it was still hanging on after 2 months. His face looks cooler now that he is all lumpy and rotten.

Hope that you all have a Happy New Year and that life gives you the best things!

Ashley Fairbourne