Saturday, July 13, 2013

anatomy stuff

i feel like i havent posted a lot of my realistic i wanted to add a little more to the collection and show you guys this piece. this was my final project for my anatomy and figure structure class last spring semester. we were required to recreate a master drawing and then use an overlay of vellum or mylar (its basically transparent paper) to create the bone structure for the figure and the locations of the muscles. although it was super time-consuming and definitely exhausting, i am really happy with it!

so here is the first layer, the "master drawing"...

and then we have the second overlay of the bone structure drawn in blue...
(sorry some parts are cut off... it was weird to try and take pictures of it without taking the whole thing apart)

and then finally, here is the 3rd layer of the muscles drawn in red.
if you want to attempt to read the labels, be my guest. unfortunately, the vellum overlays make it hard to get a crisp shot of the layers underneath, so it might be a lost cause. either way, you get the idea!

as always, thank you all for your constant support.
love ya bunches (duh!) xoxo

 ashley fairbourne 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

productivity on vacation

who would have thought that my vacation would have been productive?? not me, thats for sure. 
i love relaxing and whatnot, but honestly, i cant go to long without drawing or doodling something! art is always fun for me... at least when there aren't any deadlines involved.

ive been really into drawing suggestive halo/aureola rings around figures heads lately. its not meant to be taken as a literal indication of an immortal being.. but i guess its open to interpretation. i just drew this little ink drawing on the plane ride home and then colored it with twistables (you know, the twist-up kids crayons? those things rock!) anyways, i wanted to add background cuz it is my worst enemy and i need to push myself to do backgrounds more instead of leaving empty space. its just a doodle, but practice makes perfect, right?


Tuesday, July 2, 2013

i made a plate

it was a present for my grandparents! 
every year, they rent out a beach house for us to all stay in... and we always have a blast! 
so i decided to make them a little "thank you" plate, filled with memories from the beach.
i was really happy with the outcome! i love giving people handmade presents... they are the best kind!
(p.s. vacation is THE BEST right now. jealous? you should be!)

ashley brooke