Tuesday, December 17, 2013

finals are [almost] over!!

Hello! Hope finals are going okay for you dudes... mine are almost over!
First things first: I got a smartphone! Weird, right? Since that happened, I decided to get an instagram for my art! Follow me @ashleyfairbourneillustration, cuties!
So, I'm planning on making a holiday post next week.. maybe a demented Christmas illustration? Who knows. But then the following week, I will show you all the projects from class I never got around to posting! Weee! 
Until then, enjoy a couple lil pieces I did recently.
This is my figure drawing final :) It's quite hard to tell from the picture, but all of those orange spots are in the whites as well... I just took a picture with my phone and for some reason it made it look splotchy. The idea was to add a single color to make the flesh look more like flesh. I am proud of how it turned out!

These 2 characters were fun little ideas I had floating around in my brain... the girl is supposed to be a ghost or something. I might make a small comic about their relationship, but who knows? I am going to try and start bits of weekly comics... if everything goes as planned! 

ashley fairbourne

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Edward Squissorhands!

Well hello friends! 
First off, I decided to do you all a favor and stop typing in microscopic text as a gift. 
Merry Christmas! (heh heh)
Secondly, the next two weeks are finals. So my brain has been slowly turning to mush. But I found a wee bit of time to show you guys something I finally finished! My Edward Scissorhands fan art! I was commissioned to do this by a friend. I can't wait until he sees it in person! 
If you were curious, this was done in gouache, which is basically chalky, opaque, watercolor. I have never done a whole piece with it before... but it was interesting to work with as a change. 

ashley fairbourne

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

snowy weather isn't so bad..

Oh, well hello friends! Hope your week has been going well. :) 
So, I've got a few things to share with you guys tonight... my figure drawing class has been teaching me a lot about form and proportions, which is great, but it also takes a lot of practice... which is exhausting me! But yesterday we started drawing on some toned paper and this is what I had by the end of class.

Then this figure drawing was from a week or so ago... a little off, but I really like the look of the smeared pastels.

And guess what, dudes? It snowed today! I was feeling sort of indifferent about Christmas coming... but now my whole mood has shifted since the snow happened : ) I've always loved the snow... it's so magical!

... finally, here was my latest project for my photography class. The assignment was to do a series of photographs that all have a similar theme. I chose to do portraits of people with wet hair... I just wanted to capture the awkward side of my subjects, and I think it worked pretty great!
I love hearing from you guys! You rock and thanks for being so supportive! 

ashley fairbourne