Thursday, October 17, 2013

INKtober - Day 16+17: apologies and one cute pup

I am sorry because I didn't draw a picture yesterday. You know those days where you just want to retire as a human being for a bit? Well, that was yesterday... and I didn't want to do anything responsible. Just sit in bed and eat ice cream and/or french fries. (you know the kind of day im talking about.) Any-who! Here is me apologizing as a cartoon for skipping day #16 of Inktober...

... and here is day #17 of Inktober! Guess what?? Its my best buddy's birthday today... so go send some love vibes her way!(is that weird to say?) She blogs in this general vicinity if you are interested!
The pup above was inspired by my hunger in my geology class. Sometimes it feels as though I will be stuck in class forever until i starve to death. It is so hard not to doodle in my non-art classes haha. I also attempted a little smidgen of perspective on that table...its somewhat successful!

ashley brooke


  1. Oh my! You were wearing that shirt yesterday! The one with all the cats? And you're wearing it in that picture! EEEeeee!!!

    1. IM SO GLAD you noticed i drew my cat shirt. hahaa its the weirdest shirt.