Sunday, October 20, 2013

INKtober - Day 19+20: attempting to stay on track!

Hey you cool people out in internet land! I didn't post yesterday, which is kind of lame. But good news! I've got 2 doodles for you to check out today! Here is day #19 of Inktober... a little blue girl in blue attire. I recently read Blankets by Craig Thompson again. If you haven't heard of that graphic novel, I highly suggest you check it out. It is a beautifully illustrated book and the storyline is awesome. Anyways! I doodled this after obsessing over his art... go give it a peek!
...and here is my doodle for day #20 of Inktober. It's whatever your little heart wants it to be... but it looks like a strange cat of sorts. Just go with it.
ashley fairbourne 


  1. "Blankets" is pretty nice looking. I also like the how frequently artists write extremely honest and personal memoirs. "Epileptic" by David B. also comes to mind. There was another one I read recently but I don't remember so there ya go.

    1. I really dig it too... after I read it, it made me realize I kind of want to do something like that. some day... anyways, thanks for the suggestion! ill have to check it out. especially the last one.