Wednesday, April 30, 2014

no school! no rules!

Hooray! I am done with this crazy semester! I am so excited for next school year too, because I will be working as the new illustrator for the school newspaper! I cant' wait. 
I am waiting on all of my finals to get graded and handed back before I can show you guys all that junk... I mostly just want to do a huge blog post filled with cool pages from the 2 sketchbooks I had to keep this semester. But until then, here are a couple things to keep you occupied, cuties!

This was my final for my drawing for illustration class. Our prompt was "frog prince" and we could interpret that however we wanted to. I decided to draw a baby frog prince (I know, he should be a tadpole, but look at how cute his weird legs are!) I was really proud of the way this one turned out. Ink will always and forever be my favorite medium!

Here is some weird sketchbook stuff from my personal sketchbook. I drew a cat in a fire... kind of dark. Sorry (but not that sorry)...

...and here is a creepy girl with what appears to be a dog nose. I was just having fun with exaggeration in the figure and got a little carried away. 
Well, I am excited to be posting regularly, and I will keep you guys updated on my Etsy shop stuff! Thank you for all your support through such a crazy semester! 

much love

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a quick post!

Guys! I am so excited for summer... you have no idea! :D I've got so many fun plans... I just can't wait. This week is finals, so next week I will have some fun stuff to show you guys. Until then, here is a couple things I did this week and one of my finals.

So here is a detail shot of the final I turned in for my advanced figure drawing class. I did a caricature of the Beatles... Ringo is just showing the other 3 a song he wrote... and they aren't super excited about it. I am okay with the way it turned out for a final, but once I get it back with a grade, I am going to fix a couple things, including Paul and George's faces. Then I am planning on selling prints! I am sure I will post this again with revisions in the near future!

This is a quick cartoon I did of my friend Ruth... doesn't look too much like her, but I still enjoy the way it turned out! :)

And just for fun, here are the easter eggs my family made :) super weird, right?

ashley fairbourne

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

almost done, but not quite.

Woah! This semester is killing me. But it's almost over! Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I cannot stop thinking about all of my plans for summer! I am going to be setting up my Etsy store, doing tons of commissions, and starting a few side projects! tee hee! I am so excited to get things moving... I am also debating whether or not to get a booth at Salt Lake Comic Con this September... who knows! But I will keep you guys posted for sure :D

This was done for class... its a collage that we painted over with acrylics. I call it "Leather Head."

This was for the same acrylics class. We had to do a gesso transfer (if you are interested in a tutorial, I would love to show you all how it works! It's super easy and I could see it being useful with crafting!) I had pretty high hopes for this one, and it mostly ended up looking like an ad for Ray-Bans. 

This last one was done by my friend Alex. He drew me. Don't I look good?