Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Buncha Stuff

Hey everyone!
I hope you are all doing well! I just have a quick little art drop for today, nothing too fancy -

 Finished this commission near the beginning of October, but never posted about it until now! Just a cute little portrait of grandkids.

  Started this watercolor/ink drawing the other day and still haven't gotten around to finishing it. Typical me.

Finally, this is the first bird of a series of cute lil fluffy birds I will be starting during the month of December! The snow always makes me think about birds for some reason, so I thought it would be fun to paint a bunch of them this month. They will be for sale on my website, so keep an eye out for them! I will update my Instagram and Facebook with details when they are, though! 

Thank you all so much for your support! 

Ashley xoxo

Friday, November 17, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Part 3

Hey everyone!

I just wanted to do a quick post with the rest of my Inktober creations! I'm pretty sad that October is over and I won't get to doodle up Skelly or Spider for another year, but I'm also really excited about all the free time I suddenly have!

If you were curious, there is a book full of the adventures of Skelly & Spider from 3 years ago when I started them! (2014, not these photos!) You can purchase it here:



 Day 27 of Inkober: Skelly, Spider & Bonita go shopping.

 Day 28 of Inktober: Skelly, Spider & Bonita go for a ride.

 Day 29 of Inktober: Skelly, Spider & Bonita dress up for Halloween.

 Day 30 of Inktober: Skelly, Spider & Bonita hear someone coming.

Day 31 of Inktober: Skelly, Spider & Bonita hide in the drawer until next time!

Thank you all so much for all your support! I always appreciate the kind words and messages you all write me! 

Ashley xoxo

Friday, October 27, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Part 2

Hey everyone!

I was hoping to be able to update my blog sooner, but this will have to do! Here are some more Inktobers of Skelly & Spider from this month - Only 5 more days to go, so I will be posting again soon. Enjoy!

Day 6 of Inktober: Skelly gives himself a haircut.
 Day 7 of Inktober: Skelly gets a tattoo.

Day 8 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider practice photography.
Day 9 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider brush their teeth.
Day 10 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider pull an all-nighter.
 Day 11 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider learn how to knit.

 Day 12 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider go for a bike ride.

 Day 13 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider hijack a train.

 Day 14 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider take a siesta.

 Day 15 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider go exploring.
Day 16 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider try acupuncture.
Day 17 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider encounter the Abominable Snowman.
Day 18 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider have a movie night.
 Day 19 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider roast marshmallows.

 Day 20 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider play guitar.

 Day 21 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider get spooked.

Day 22 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider get a bellyache.
Day 23 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider climb a mountain.
Day 24 of Inktober: Skelly rekindles an old flame.
Day 25 of Inktober: Skelly, Spider & Bonita carve a pumpkin.
Day 26 of Inktober: Skelly & Spider play with fire.

That's everything for today! I still need to get today's Inktober post ready, so I will include that in my next blog post!

Until next time - - Cheers!
xoxo Ashley

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Inktober 2017 - Part 1

Hey everyone!

I hope you all are having an awesome October so far! This is always my favorite time of year for so many reasons - - It's no longer 1,000 degrees outside, the leaves start changing color, everything tastes super cozy and warm... and Inktober of course!

For Inktober this year, I decided to bring back our old friends Skelly and Spider! It's been a good 3 years since I last did anything with them, so I thought it would be fun to bring them back again! I will be posting my Inktober photos here every other week, so stay tuned! Here are the first 5 days of Inktober:

Day 1: Our old friend Skelly awakes from his slumber.

 Day 2: Skelly finds Spider.

 Day 3: Skelly & Spider do some ironing.

 Day 4: Skelly & Spider play poker with friends.

Day 5: Spider gives Skelly a makeover.

That's it for today! I will post again soon to show you guys some more Inktober shenanigans!

Ashley xoxo


Thursday, September 21, 2017

Stranger Things Fan Art & Chalk the Block Update

Hey everyone!

So sad to say that my boyfriend and I will not be participating in Chalk the Block this year after all. The event was postponed to this weekend due to a rainstorm last week. Our schedules are just too full this weekend to be able to move anything around at this point. Good news though - we will still be completing our mural piece, but just on paper instead of asphalt. Here is a sneak peek of what we have been working on:

 I will definitely post more updates on my blog once we get some good progress made on the final piece!

In other news, I am going to be participating in a Stranger Things-themed art show on Halloween this year. (Are you all so excited for the second season of Stranger Things?!) Some of you may remember the Eleven piece I did last year...

 ...but for this show, I wanted to create something new!
So I'm currently working on a new piece! Here is the progress so far:

 I won't give away the secret super fun part about this piece quite yet, so keep an eye out for the finished piece on my blog! (& other social media, of course!)

That is everything I have to share with you guys today! I am currently working on some larger projects and trying to get those finished up, so you may notice a lack of artwork. Hopefully I will be able to show you all the stuff I've been working on super soon and just dump it all in one epic blog post!

Thank you! Have a lovely week!

Ashley xoxo