Monday, September 30, 2013

quick! bring me soup and powerade!

so my brain has been a bowl of mushy soup as of late... probably due to the fact that im getting sick/sleep deprivation/i dont remember how to feed myself. but im feeling slightly better today, so i thought i would share a few things before exhaustion sets in! 
it was my cousins 1 year anniversary (say "awww!") and i was commissioned by her mom to make a cute little illustration for the two of them! she has a weird thing for giraffes, so i thought it would be adorable to make them riding on the back of a giraffe. cuz giraffes are basically ginormous horses.

the picture quality shows a little more magenta than the actual drawing really has, but that just makes it look more romantic.. right? RIGHT?
so Halloween is coming up! my favorite holiday! there is only one person who likes Halloween more than me.. and that is my mother. she has a bunch of teapots... so i thought i would make her a Halloween-themed teapot. (sorry about the HUGE glare on the witches face... im sick. cut me some slack!) anyways, the back reads, "all hallows eve" in a cute cursive script. i really dig painting pottery!

 on a different note, i have some prints of the Harry Potter illustration i did. if you would like to purchase one for 10$, send me an email at and we can chat! my goal is to have an Etsy shop set up with a few prints by the end of the year. that would make my life rock even harder. 

thanks for stopping by, cutie! 

ashley may 


  1. I am sorry your feeling under the weather! I just got over some weekend sickness, so I feel ya! Hope you feel better and expect an e-mail soon!:)

  2. Yeah, being sick is the worst. I'm glad we could both be sick together and have a nice discussion about drugs. I also need to feed myself. It hurts to eat but I'm so hungry...

    1. yeah its always nice have a sick human friend when you are under the weather. im feeling a little better....but its hard to feed yourself when you dont feel well. especially when your throat is made of knives.