Friday, October 18, 2013

INKtober - Day 18: Bill Carman inspired my brains

We had the coolest speaker at my lecture class last night. His name is Bill Carman... if you haven't seen his stuff, I would highly recommend you check it out right this very second! 
Bill Carman<--- right there, folks.
You can just tell that this dude loves what he does... and his imagination is out of control (in the best kind of way). One of the neatest things about his work is how he works on such a small scale. He was explaining to us how he likes to prep small copper plates and paint on them. For those of you who dont know, copper isnt easy to paint on.. so preparing the surface is a major part of his work. He talked about how the texture of the surface he is working on will help decide what he paints on it. It was inspiring to listen to someone so respectable and fantastic talk about their artwork.
 Anyways, after taking in all of that information, I felt like I had to draw something with his style in mind! 

So here is my day #18 for Inktober:

ashley fairbourne

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