Monday, September 30, 2013

quick! bring me soup and powerade!

so my brain has been a bowl of mushy soup as of late... probably due to the fact that im getting sick/sleep deprivation/i dont remember how to feed myself. but im feeling slightly better today, so i thought i would share a few things before exhaustion sets in! 
it was my cousins 1 year anniversary (say "awww!") and i was commissioned by her mom to make a cute little illustration for the two of them! she has a weird thing for giraffes, so i thought it would be adorable to make them riding on the back of a giraffe. cuz giraffes are basically ginormous horses.

the picture quality shows a little more magenta than the actual drawing really has, but that just makes it look more romantic.. right? RIGHT?
so Halloween is coming up! my favorite holiday! there is only one person who likes Halloween more than me.. and that is my mother. she has a bunch of teapots... so i thought i would make her a Halloween-themed teapot. (sorry about the HUGE glare on the witches face... im sick. cut me some slack!) anyways, the back reads, "all hallows eve" in a cute cursive script. i really dig painting pottery!

 on a different note, i have some prints of the Harry Potter illustration i did. if you would like to purchase one for 10$, send me an email at and we can chat! my goal is to have an Etsy shop set up with a few prints by the end of the year. that would make my life rock even harder. 

thanks for stopping by, cutie! 

ashley may 

Friday, September 13, 2013

everyone likes Harry Potter, right?

i was commissioned to do a Harry Potter themed piece for a friend's niece. this was a super fun project to do because as a kid, i was really into HP. (i had a huge crush on Harry, apparently. i wrote about it in my journal... this was also before the movies were created. so kinda weird.) anyways, this was my final result:

this was a good time to decide to make a HP piece! i heard J. K. Rowling is going to write another book... hmm. still not sure how i feel about that. im also debating whether or not i am going to try and make some prints of this piece. either way, i will get a better scan of it for my own benefit/future portfolios :) 
i hope i entertained my fellow geeks! 
and if anyone is interested in purchasing a print, email me at:

thanks for stopping by!

ashley may  

Friday, September 6, 2013


i made myself into a cartoon. 

 lately people have been telling me that i am more like a cartoon than a real person, so i decided to see if they were right... and they probably are. i look like basically the same person as a cartoon drawing.
 watercolor+pen is a process i use a lot because its fairly easy for me and i usually get good results... i started by making a line drawing with india ink, then filled it with water color, and then added some details and texture with prismacolors. 
the expression i am making in the portrait just makes me giggle.


we officially started our lecture class. its late at night, making it hard to pay attention completely... so i kept making silly little doodles. i decided to listen to my friend Hannah and start posting more of my doodles. so thats a thing now. i just drew this weird picture of a cat on a bicycle... he also has a mustache. and a monocle. 


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

negativity in negative shapes

thats what is going on in my life right now. ill be honest.. i didnt feel as mentally prepared this semester as i normally do, but i think im slowly getting back into the swing of things. im really glad it is forcing me to focus on my art... i love drawing. 

so, as it turns out, i only have one studio class that actually requires drawings/sketching. i totally lucked out! that being said, im attempting to update my blog with current projects 'n stuff im working on! in my figure drawing class we are currently focusing on negative shapes, or "what you don't see." i must say, its not as easy as i thought it would be. he also only let us use black prismacolor... which if you dont know, you cant erase it! augh. so.. the first sketch was done from a live model, while the other 4 were from photographs. hope you enjoy this simple post! :D

 from our model in class today 

her torso is a little elongated, but you get the idea

ive been listening to a lot of Rilo Kiley, which i guess is a reflection of my mood recently. good thing we are working on negative shapes for my negative attitude... get it? heh.. well, hopefully i can get some angry/bitter looking artwork pumped out! (i try to make the most of everything haha)

anyways, thanks for stopping by! and have the best day ever.

ashley fairbourne