Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Soooo Tired + Other News! (pictures are involved, I promise)

Hey guys!

I hope you all have been well! I know I am now that the holidays are over. Thanksgiving-New Years is always so busy! 
I am currently finishing up my final semester! It's insane to think about graduating. I feel like I have been in school forever and I never thought there would be an end in sight... but here we are!

I have a handful of things I wanted to show you guys! As I'm sure you all heard, David Bowie passed away fairly recently. I was pretty bummed about it. I remember the first song I heard by him was "Changes" when I was about 8 years old and I used to listen to it allll the time. He has always been a really special musician and person to me, so I decided to do a little caricature of him in tribute! I think I may scan it in and color it digitally.

Now that the holidays are over, I can safely show you guys this little project I was working on! My boyfriend and I decided to make handmade presents for each other this year and he is a huge Dark Tower Series fan (Stephen King, for those who don't know -- go check it out!) so I made him a Dark Tower- Themed box. He is a tattooer, so it was made to hold his tattoo machines! I derived this design from an image I saw online. It was so beautiful, so I decided to paint the same design in my own style! It was done on a wooden box in acrylic paint.

I also had the opportunity to make a design for some birthday invitations! The theme of the party was "Rockstar Mermaid," which is obviously awesome! She wanted to have the mermaid look like Ariel, since they are huge Disney fans! Gouache on watercolor paper.

Dallas Clayton (don't know who that is?? Go check out his art! He is a fantastic designer!) held a fun competition a few weeks ago! He came up with bizarre, random names and asked his Instagram followers to create some creatures that match the names! I created Biltichang Fleecy, Columpian Gumasore, and Clasper Brungle. My personal favorite is Columpian Gumbasore! My creatures even got featured on his Instagram!

I am currently taking a head painting class and have been oil painting so much, it's insane! This was done with Ivory Black and Titanium White oil paint on a linen panel. I've been trying to experiment with different textures and techniques when applying paint. We recently have moved on to painting in color, so I will be sure to post some of those color pieces in the near future!

I am also taking a digital painting class! So far, the class has been a blast and has the best prompts for our drawings! For this piece, I was assigned a random fact. The fact was "you can't sneeze with your eyes open." The goal was to communicate the idea without people knowing what your random fact was! The snot on the rag was my favorite part, as I'm sure you can tell. This piece was created entirely in Photoshop.

Thank you all for stopping by! Take care,

Ashley Fairbourne