Thursday, May 16, 2013

there's a first time for everything

my first attempt at a contour self-portrait:

 self-portraits are always weird for least the ones they make you do in junior high/high school. they always want them to be so accurate... and it makes me feel uncomfortable staring at my face for so long. anyways, for a class last semester, we were asked to do a 5 minute contour of our face while looking in a mirror. i did this:
probably the only self-portrait ive done that ive liked. its so weird and kinda looks like Daria. although the features arent completely 100% accurate, i feel like i did a good job of capturing my disposition and i got the point across

my first successful abstract piece:

this one was for the same class as above, and i have honestly never tried to work abstract before. i could sit and explain the process of how i came about this piece, but ill spare you the extensive details. basically, i started by drawing a seashell, and then at the end, it turned into a heart/organ thingy. i guess you could say it is a commentary on relationships... but i mostly did it cuz i like guts.

 my first attempt at a full-page illustration: 

this was the final for my imagination class... we were given a small paragraph of a story and asked to illustrate it. we had to do character designs, object sketches and map out our composition. it was all brand new in my mind, nothing i had ever done before... and although it was painful to push through at times, i think i had a good outcome. i might post the sketching process for this one another day, its actually pretty interesting.



  1. Ash all three of these are so great. I love them all, and I am seriously blown away by how easily I could see that full page illustration in a book.
    LOVE IT.

    1. aw thanks ruth :) you are probably the sweetest. it helps a lot to have awesome teachers!