Tuesday, May 14, 2013

i just found these on my computer, okay?

i love to do commissioned work... its always really fun.
 so here are a couple of pieces i did for projects for people a while back.
 this is a cd cover i did for my extremely talented friend, Ruth Gonzalez. i sang in a couple of the songs on her christmas album and she was kind enough to let me design her album cover. give her a listen!

i was asked to design a sticker design for my friends band called Eons, so that was pretty rad! i just drew the image by hand, inked it, scanned it, and then edited it a bit with photoshop. ive never really done digital work before, so it was a new experience

i just did this for fun. if you havent heard of Marina and the Diamonds, then you should check her out! she is super fun, acid pop-sish music. i painted this a while back because i wanted to try and do a strange-colored portrait of someone. i like the way it turned out. i actually just barely went to her concert last night, and she was awesome!

hope you enjoyed some of the more random pieces ive done. let me know your thoughts!

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thanks guys!

ashley fairbourne   

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