Thursday, May 9, 2013

hello boys and ghouls!

let me just introduce myself real quick-like.
my name is Ashley Fairbourne and i love to draw.
if you know me, you know that.
i have since as far back as i can remember... 
anywho! this blog is going to revolve around sharing my art with you guys.
so lets get to it!  

this piece is a newer one, titled, "Boys and Ghouls" (working title)... i found an old cutting board in the basement of my house when i moved and decided to paint on it. why? i dunno! just sometimes, it gets old painting on plain old paper or canvas. anyways, i was super fascinated by it mostly cuz the texture was all choppy and had divots in it from knives. i used watercolor and some black and sepia ink. i feel like it turned out pretty well for the most part, there are just a few things that i wanna tweak
also, just as a side note, the things on their heads? those are called spirit hoods. i can exactly place why i am so obsessed with drawing them on my characters, but its probably cuz its cute. heh. 

hopefully this, along with a few others, will be hung up in a local coffee shop within the next month.

ashley fairbourne 


  1. WHOOP WHOOP! So excited this is up! :)

    Tanika @