Friday, May 10, 2013

a few character designs

i have an insane amount of art just hanging out everywhere. the funny thing is that i don't really think, "woah, this is awesome" for every piece i finish. it's not that they aren't acceptable or good ideas, it's just they aren't where i want them to be yet... so i usually am hesitant to parade them around
but nevertheless! i wanted to show a couple character designs that i did during this past spring semester for my imagination and visual literacy class (which by the way, is an insanely fun class!). 
during the beginning of the semester, we were asked to pretend that we were on death row and we could draw one more thing before we died. a lot of people drew devilish beings and Death himself, but for some reason, that never crossed my mind. i drew a ballerina with a teddy bear. why? if i had a specific reason i would tell you, but it was just cuz i wanted to :) id like to re-work this piece and add color... maybe an acrylic painting or watercolor.
 another day in class we had to design 8-10 bird characters and these are what i came up with. i really dig birds, they are so fun to draw and are practically cuties. i added a little touch of weirdness to them though (no surprise there.)
not much to talk about with this piece... other than we were asked to draw a robot. i made mine depressed. for some reason, depressed robots entertain me. its probably cuz robots shouldn't be able to feel emotion, right? well this sucker does. poor little guy.

this class definitely helped me out with simplifying shapes and communicating more efficiently visually. i thoroughly enjoyed the assignments... minus the 200 sketches i had to do, of course. but who even likes that



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