Thursday, June 5, 2014

Frog Prince - Sketches and Progress

I realized recently that I don't really show my work when I post my art, and I decided to change that! This was all done for my "Frog Prince" final that I posted about a month ago. Enjoy!

First, I start out by looking at a lot of pictures of what I am going to be drawing... in this case, frogs! I started trying to add personality to some of them, lips, eyelashes, etc. I do this to get a better grasp on what a frog's anatomy is like, simple shapes to draw it as, stuff like that.

This frog looks like Jabba the Hutt..

My original idea was to do a queen/princess frog from the Victorian era... but later on, I decided it would be more fun to do a baby frog prince. Sometimes it is hard for me to abandon my original ideas because I feel like I wasted time. But in reality, I would have never gotten that idea if I hadn't been trying different things out. And in the end, the product was much more unique and I enjoyed drawing it a lot more.

After I have the basic gist of what I want to draw, I start doodling thumbnails to work out my composition. Once I think I've got it figured out, THEN I can finally start on the final!

And... voila! It's kind of crazy how much work goes into something before you even begin on it. That is one thing I learned in school that has helped me tremendously. 

Ashley Fairbourne

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