Sunday, June 15, 2014

It's so late, but I had to post!

Oh hey dudes. Hope this week has been stellar for you all. It's actually been a pretty rough week for me, but it's bound to happen once in a while, right? So I just have a few random things to show you guys.

This is a little 5x5 wood block that I painted a bunny on! I gave it to a friend as a little surprise/thank you. I think wood is one of my favorite surfaces to paint on.

These 2 caricatures were a commission I worked on the last couple of weeks. I had so much fun with these! I actually have been getting a lot of caricature commissions as of late, so I will have some more to show you guys soon! 

I just have to take a moment to show off a little. My name is in my school newspaper! Isn't that swell? It was a really cool moment for me to see my name in print with the title "illustrator."

 I drew a little comic this week about how terrified I am of taking the trash out at my work. Also, remember how I said I was thinking of starting a web comic out? Well, I think I might end up doing something more like this. Or I'll just revisit the characters I had for the web comic. I guess we will see what I decide to do. 

Doodles from the newspaper's layout meeting... I was paying attention, promise.

ashley fairbourne

p.s... don't you love how I didn't bother cropping my hand out of half of these? 

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