Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Advanced Figure Drawing Stuff

Wow. It took forever for these pictures to upload... but I think it will be worth it. (hopefully..) 

Aside from my current frustration with technology, things are going pretty well! I am working on a couple freelancing projects this week. I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I am having this summer already! ^-^ drawing is the best thing.

So this post is a bunch of stuff from my Advanced Figure Drawing class this semester... it's all the in-class work that I never got a chance to show you guys.
I also was a little lazy and didn't crop the photos.. I figured you guys don't care... right?? There are a couple funny things you can see in the background... like the Christmas card my family sent out last year. I'm wearing reindeer antlers. Look for it, you know you want to see it.

Fashion illustration attempts... it was definitely my weak point in the class.

A creepy smooshy-faced girl... but look at her boots! Makes me want to draw comics.

It looks like she is wearing a mask.. I did it on purpose/accident. She is secretly a hideous creature underneath.

The prompt was to draw the model as a queen... this was definitely one of my favorites for the semester.

This one is funny cuz we had to draw the female model like a guy with a mustache and a top hat (heh heh)... isn't she dashing? 
Weird poses...

.... and more weird poses.

Practice with expressions... the pig is the best.

Probably the most realistic figure drawing I did all semester. The class was a lot different than I thought it would be, but it was so much fun!

ashley brooke