Friday, September 13, 2013

everyone likes Harry Potter, right?

i was commissioned to do a Harry Potter themed piece for a friend's niece. this was a super fun project to do because as a kid, i was really into HP. (i had a huge crush on Harry, apparently. i wrote about it in my journal... this was also before the movies were created. so kinda weird.) anyways, this was my final result:

this was a good time to decide to make a HP piece! i heard J. K. Rowling is going to write another book... hmm. still not sure how i feel about that. im also debating whether or not i am going to try and make some prints of this piece. either way, i will get a better scan of it for my own benefit/future portfolios :) 
i hope i entertained my fellow geeks! 
and if anyone is interested in purchasing a print, email me at:

thanks for stopping by!

ashley may  


  1. My friend, I can't even take this in. I love it so much! i am a huge Harry Potter Dork so this just made my whole day. So tell me, what medium did you use to create this lovely piece?

    1. awe, thank you hannah! im glad you like it :D i did it the same way as that cartoon self portrait- india ink, water colors (and a little goauche in some spots) and then added some pops of color with prismacolors :D its my favorite way to work, for sure.