Friday, September 6, 2013


i made myself into a cartoon. 

 lately people have been telling me that i am more like a cartoon than a real person, so i decided to see if they were right... and they probably are. i look like basically the same person as a cartoon drawing.
 watercolor+pen is a process i use a lot because its fairly easy for me and i usually get good results... i started by making a line drawing with india ink, then filled it with water color, and then added some details and texture with prismacolors. 
the expression i am making in the portrait just makes me giggle.


we officially started our lecture class. its late at night, making it hard to pay attention completely... so i kept making silly little doodles. i decided to listen to my friend Hannah and start posting more of my doodles. so thats a thing now. i just drew this weird picture of a cat on a bicycle... he also has a mustache. and a monocle. 


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