Saturday, May 10, 2014

mostly turquoise stuff

Yeah, yeah, yeah... It's been over a week since I updated this blog, but I decided that updating on Wednesdays will be the best for me this summer, so lets plan on that! :D It was my birthday this week, so cut me some slack, yo! 
Still waiting on getting all my finals back, but I should start posting sketchbook/finals stuff next Wednesday! So get stoked for that, dudes. 
Here are some drawings I have been working on... Apparently, blue was my color of choice for the week.
I got this new gold metallic marker that I have been messing around with... I really like adding details with it. With this doodle, I got a little carried away... heh heh.

This drawing was done by my good friend Alex for my birthday. Its a drawing of me destroying a reptilian creature. You guys have seen his stuff on my blog before, so why don't you just go check out his stuff? He rocks... visit it right HERE!

I decided to draw a self portrait the other night... besides the silly cartoon I did of myself, I haven't done a self portrait since high school. This definitely means a lot to me and its one of the few times where everything turned out exactly how I planned it. I am so proud of this.

Ta-dah! I made this bowl and just covered it with doodles... fun, eh? (See? I told you everything I've been making is drawn in turquoise blue!)

Well, I hope your week has been awesome! Talk with you soon!
ashley fairbourne 

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