Tuesday, April 15, 2014

almost done, but not quite.

Woah! This semester is killing me. But it's almost over! Apologies for the lack of posts as of late. I cannot stop thinking about all of my plans for summer! I am going to be setting up my Etsy store, doing tons of commissions, and starting a few side projects! tee hee! I am so excited to get things moving... I am also debating whether or not to get a booth at Salt Lake Comic Con this September... who knows! But I will keep you guys posted for sure :D

This was done for class... its a collage that we painted over with acrylics. I call it "Leather Head."

This was for the same acrylics class. We had to do a gesso transfer (if you are interested in a tutorial, I would love to show you all how it works! It's super easy and I could see it being useful with crafting!) I had pretty high hopes for this one, and it mostly ended up looking like an ad for Ray-Bans. 

This last one was done by my friend Alex. He drew me. Don't I look good?



  1. That picture Alex drew gave me the LOLZ

    1. i posed for him and told him to draw me as a creepy creature. i think he did well. hope your summer is rockin!

  2. Gosh dang it you are talented. And I love the one Alex did ;)