Wednesday, March 19, 2014

one more month!

Here I am! Hello!
It was Spring Break last week, so I decided to take a break from life and school and just chill out and watch a ton of movies. 
Still waiting to hear if I made it into the Illustration program! I should know by the end of the week (let's hope so!) But in other news...I've only got about a month left of this semester until SUMMER! What?! So excited about, dudes.

We've been doing facial expressions and caricatures in my advanced figure drawing class, so if you follow me on instagram, I am sure you have seen most of these! Lets see if you can guess who these peeps are! Ill give you a treat (just kidding it will just be a smiley emoticon).

So that's been fun! I also found a bee outside my house the other day.. poor dude was frozen solid.

Here are my portraits for the week! We had to do textured surfaces... I really enjoy textured paintings... I had the most fun with the first painting of the girl with blue-green hair. The bottom left reminds me of Frankenstein haha.

Finally, I just wanted to show you guys the gorgeous necklace my friend made! She has an Instagram (@orbit_pluto) so you should follow her if you want some awesome crystal jewelry! She ships! And if you live in the Provo area, she is going to be selling them at Unhinged within the next few months hopefully!
Ashley Fairbourne


  1. Those faces! There's such emotion and personality. I was thinking about this as something I need to work on this morning. Looking good.