Wednesday, April 23, 2014

a quick post!

Guys! I am so excited for summer... you have no idea! :D I've got so many fun plans... I just can't wait. This week is finals, so next week I will have some fun stuff to show you guys. Until then, here is a couple things I did this week and one of my finals.

So here is a detail shot of the final I turned in for my advanced figure drawing class. I did a caricature of the Beatles... Ringo is just showing the other 3 a song he wrote... and they aren't super excited about it. I am okay with the way it turned out for a final, but once I get it back with a grade, I am going to fix a couple things, including Paul and George's faces. Then I am planning on selling prints! I am sure I will post this again with revisions in the near future!

This is a quick cartoon I did of my friend Ruth... doesn't look too much like her, but I still enjoy the way it turned out! :)

And just for fun, here are the easter eggs my family made :) super weird, right?

ashley fairbourne

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