Wednesday, March 5, 2014

the most tired human.

What in the world happened to me? Oh, well first off, I moved. Second, school is the craziest thing. 
So hello! Glad to be back in the groove of things... quick update: my new house is cool. still settling in, though. Attempting to catch up in school and producing a lot of work. But most importantly -- I am turning in my portfolio tomorrow to see if I get into the illustration program! Send good vibes my way/cross your fingers/wish me luck/whatever it is you do!
I am so excitedly nervous.

One of the pieces from my acrylics class this week. We had to do implied textures, which basically means it looks like it has texture, but if you touch it, it really doesn't. I did this one with hydrogen peroxide.

I did this one with salt and some oats (haha)... it was really fun to experiment with different items to see what they would do to the paint.
Just a quick fashion sketch for my sketchbook...I have been really into stripes lately. I'm pretty sure I've said that on multiple occasions... but whatever.

And lastly, I had to do a children's book illustration-type painting for my figure drawing class... I had a lot of fun with this. I think I might tweak the grass so that it is a different color, but for now, I am extremely pleased with how it turned out! :D

Ashley Fairbourne 

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