Wednesday, February 12, 2014

coconut should be put on everything. probably.

I am just now realizing how much I love coconut. It's becoming an obsession. 
Also! Hello fellow earth-dweller! 
This week has been "blah," but that's definitely better than stressful! For a little while, I think I will update my blog on Wednesdays during my lunch hour. :) I'm sure that will change soon though!
I also want to go off on a little tangent (for those of you who read these little rants...)
Things have just been really tough lately regarding my artwork and confidence therein. I also see all of the students around me lacking in artistic confidence and it sucks! Luckily, I have wonderfully supportive people around me to help me through those times... and I just wanted to say thank you! You rock and deserve so many cookies. On a similar note, support those around you, guys! I think that too often we assume everyone is strong enough to make it through, but it's nice to have a little push now and then. 
Okay, now enjoy the pictures, cuties.

Week 5 of these paintings... the bottom two were done with blue, magenta, yellow and white... the purpose of the assignment was to get super bright color and super dull color, in order to teach us how to better control paint and color. I was really happy with how they turned out, even thought it was a bit of a struggle at times!

Here is another fashion illustration snippit... currently working on a big fashion illustration project, so you can expect to see that on the next blog post! I am so excited to work on it!

I sat in on a basic figure drawing class this week to help fill my sketchbook. This is one of the sketches from it... I really love using brown colored pencils recently.

ashley fairbourne


  1. Gosh DANG it I love ALL of your work. SO MUCH. SO SO MUCH. Oh....I was supposed to email you, wasn't I? I stink. LOVE YOUR GUTS

    1. haha just email me when you can. :) sometime in March works... and thank you! you are the sweetest. love your guts too! :D

  2. Your work has improved so much. Really. Sometimes you slump for a while before your brain makes another step forward. But you know this! Keep working hard.

    1. thanks zach! you rock. and i appreciate it :D