Tuesday, January 14, 2014

school feels like eternity already.

Hello everyone! 
This week has been pretty busy for me, but I am really excited for a lot of my classes. I don't think I shared in my last post, but I am taking media techniques II, which is basically an acrylics course, advanced figure drawing, and drawing for illustration. My acrylics class requires 4 paintings every week, so I will probably plan on updating my blog with them! Yay for consistency! :D
These portraits were pretty fun to start the class out with... #1 is grey background with only black, #2 is mid-tone background with only white, #3 is white and black crosshatching, and #4 is mixing greys in the light. 
And this epic doodle was from over Christmas break... my cousin and I got extremely bored and made up a huge story about him saving his girlfriend, Sheridan. It was a success.

Ashley Fairbourne 

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