Sunday, June 9, 2013

is this your lucky day? you betcha.

before you get all excited and think these long posts are going to be a regular thing, let me stop you. the only reason this is happening is cuz i just cant seem to get to sleep tonight! 
any-who, ive got quite the variety of things i wanna post about right now, so just bear with me!

 so first off, i wanted to post a couple of the wall murals ive done over the years. both of these wall paintings were done while i was still in high school, so they are a bit old. i still am pretty proud of them, though! the one above is a "headboard" wall mural i did for a sweet girl i met through a mutual friend. her bed goes in front of the mural and matched the sheets. i love all the dinky birds!

click here if you want to see the adorable bedspread she got from urban outfitters!

so the next wall mural i did is this one. if you were curious who in the world would let someone paint on their wall like this... that would be my mom :) she is super supportive with my art and lets me do awesome things like this to the walls in her house! i believe i did this in 10th grade.
this is what the mural looks like at the top near the ceiling. i recently finished a mural in the bright green bathroom at my mom's house. i will have to post pictures soon.
 photography is something i like to do for fun, but i dont really consider myself a "photographer," per se. however, when my friends and family ask me to take photos for them, how could i say no? these next few photographs are a couple of my favorite shots from the engagement photo shoot i had with my cute friends, Amber and Josh. congrats to the both of them on their marriage!

isnt she so pretty? gotta love her dress, too!

they are such a cute couple! i was so honored that they thought of me for their engagements.

here is a little leaf i took a photo of during the first snowfall this past winter. i really love color contrast, if you didnt know that already.

 "why did she draw a pencil sharpener?" is what you may be thinking to yourself at this moment. yeah, i realize its really weird. this was my final for my drawing class last semester and the criteria was a little different. we had to pick an object that was not made of glass (which was basically everything i wanted to draw) and then create an interesting picture of it with either pencil or charcoal (<--i chose charcoal).

 then, for the second picture in the series, we had to take the object and start to morph it into something surreal. you could disassemble the object or do anything you wanted to make it more interesting. i just added some strange edges and a few weird highlights.

 and then finally! for our last piece, we had to make it almost unrecognizable as that object (at least thats what i understood). so i decided to take a surreal approach and almost animate the pencil sharpener to create a melty, interesting feel to the picture. i was actually surprised by how well this piece turned out! (i was listening to radiohead when i made this, if you were curious).

 as some of you know, every spring and/or summer i paint shoes at Sole Envy for free with a purchase of a pair of shoes! i love doing it and seeing peoples faces when they realize they can get their shoes personalized!  i would love to post all of the photos of the shoes i have painted in the past, but unfortunately, we cannot figure out a way to transfer the photos onto my computer. its a bummer, but hopefully i will figure out a way to do that soon! this pair of shoes above and below are a pair i made for my little sister.

 this is the back/heel of the shoe. i painted on some imitation "Toms." i love using glitter paint... its probably an unhealthy obsession.

and finally! (phew!) my first assignment from my anatomy class last semester. this was the first time that i had ever tried to draw the human skull... im pretty happy with it, i just wish i had gone with a little less of a graphic look. but i guess im also an illustrator... so what can you do? 

as ALWAYS... thank you ALL for your LOVE and SUPPORT. you have no idea how much it keeps me plugging along. 

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  1. The more skulls the better! And it's cool to look at those sharpeners in order. Nice

    1. hey thanks zach! and i agree. skulls are practically the best thing.