Sunday, June 2, 2013

a peek into my sketchbook..

this is the second full sketchbook ive ever achieved. i used to hate keeping them, but they really are useful! here are just a few excerpts from it. with this sketchbook, we were required to have 25 sketches for each of the 8 sections.. making a grand total of 200 drawings. i chose a few different ones from "emotions" and "unexpected characters," which are basically just what they sound like. the only criteria was to not use any reference photos and create something totally unique and original. 
(dont mind the fingerprints and mess. sketchbooks are hard for me to keep neat. also, pardon that you can see through some of the pages i photographed... i have come up with a solution since, but i figured i would share the drawings with you guys anyways!)

top: devious girl who gave her cat a haircut. 
bottom: punk rock mallard duck... i want him as a pet.

 for the section, "emotions"... really bummed out girl. pretty sure i was just illustrating how i was feeling that day in my astronomy class. i draw in class way to often.

top: tourist tyrannosaurus rex
bottom: rodent with a grenade... better watch out for that little bugger.
top: awkward, dweeby guy...everyone knows braces make things worse.
bottom: lonely, fluffy-haired girl. did this mostly to play with lighting and composition.
 top: somewhat of a hipster girl. she skins her own foxes to make capes... dont you?
bottom: rugged bluejay/cardinal smoking a cigarette. "mom" tattoo and all. 

as always, thank you for your support! 
i love you all and i will be posting more from my sketchbook soon.



  1. Your new banner? Lovely.
    And I think my favorite is the girl who made her cat naked. :)

    1. im glad you like it! took a lot of effort on my part hahah

  2. Ashley, you have no idea how inspiring your blog is to me! It's so cool to see not only your art, but the kind of work you do in school as I'm working towards also studying illustration in college. Thanks!

    1. i am so happy to hear that! it makes my insides smile when i hear that other people enjoy looking at my art. also, so awesome to hear you want to study illustration in college! i have always known that illustration would be right for me, and its great to hear that you are interested in that field! if you have any questions ever, hit me up! xo