Thursday, August 1, 2013

dat burfday gurl

oh hello everybody! its been a minute. i feel bummed i havent been able to update my blog as much... hopefully once school gets started, ill be able to post more sketches and things like that. or maybe the semester will eat me alive. i guess we will see!

today is my roommate/friend's BIRTHDAY! she is 22 (i know you want to sing Taylor Swift to her...but dont!)
so as a present, i painted her a picture! its her... and a freaky looking cat? and a sun/orb thing.
and yes, her hair is blue in the real world! she is awesome like that and has the best kind of style.i just wanted to give the blog a lil update though so that i keep on top of things! 
also, as a side note, i should have a lot of more rendered, finished pieces to upload soon. well, at least 2. ive just been putting a lot of effort into them and i dont want to show them to anyone until they are where i want them to be! :) so hang tight, peeps.


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