Tuesday, August 20, 2013

cat lady mug

school is starting next week. it totally snuck up on me.

i feel like i dont mentally prepare myself for school as much as i used to. but i suppose thats okay as long as no one tries to make me do math problems. well, i just wanted to post a fun little update before i start pumping out projects for school! ill try to keep my blog updated as much as i possibly can, but i guess only time will tell. 
wish me luck!

so lets get on with it. i really like cats. but most importantly, i really like drawing cats. its so fun to try and CATpture (get it? heh) personalities and play with different body shapes and such. so i had some fun the other day and decided to make a little coffee mug covered in my feline friends! 
(see the little singed whisker? tee-hee)
i had to write "MEOW" somewhere... i just had to.
now i can parade around with my cat mug and show the world who i truly am.

ashley may =^..^=  


  1. For some reason I can't seem to fb message you with my ipad, so I'm messaging you here. I just want one mug if you have time. I do love it!

    1. okay! we can message privately about it, but would you be okay with a small-ish payment of sorts? let me know :)

  2. Which one of those cats has your soul?

    1. obviously the grey one to the right of the fat blue sleeping cat, saying "mew"