Saturday, July 22, 2017


Well hey everyone!

I'm really excited about the prospects of a few projects right now. Hopefully some of them work out so that I can share with you guys!

I just wanted to do a quick little art drop to keep you all in the loop. Oh, and life update: basically, it's way too hot right now, I'm attempting to stop biting my nails for the umpteenth time, I wish it was Halloween, and I ate way too many cupcakes way too late at night. 
 Life is pretty cool though, despite all of that.

Thank you all x 1,000,000 for all of your support! Let's get real - sometimes social media is the worst and makes you feel like a real pile of doo-doo, but other times it's great and people are super supportive and loving! So thanks if you are a part of the latter. :)

Have a great weekend! 

Ashley xoxo

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