Sunday, July 12, 2015

Vacation was fun.... I drew some beach babes! 
It was seriously so much fun. But I am back to real life now, so I wanted to share a couple little doodles I did on my trip. I have a few pages I drew in on my trip that I will show next time. By that time I will hopefully be done with the current commission I am working on, too!


I also was commissioned by my friend to draw a picture of her dad for Father's Day, so I thought I would share that too! It was done with sumi ink and acrylics. I had a lot of fun messing around with a new technique for this piece!
Anyways, there is not much new besides I am cracking down on all of my commissions, starting work on my BFA show (I graduate in a year!), and then figuring out what my drawing will be for Chalk the Block! Should be a fun time. Art is the best thing.

Ashley Fairbourne


  1. Cool, man. I like that picture of your friend's dad. I like the background. I think I like acrylics, too, except for the part where they're paint. Paint gives me the Rages.

  2. Thank you. Dads are pretty cool I guess. Acrylic is my favorite but oil is the dumbest and hardest.